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Digital Design Methods (DDM)

This course covers the essential digital tools for contemporary landscape architects. The Fall2022 class is a re-made version of the previous offerred course under the same name.

The contents of the three-semester series include basic techniques of data collection, transformation and modelling as well as methods for visualisation and verification of designs.

The first semester focuses on the basic and advanced knowledge of the Rhino-Grasshopper system and the QGIS tool. The former is a platform that has been universally accepted by the design community for its parametric modelling and programming capacities, while the latter serves as a common approach to accquire public available geographic data for design use.

The second semester focuses on the data acquisition directly from the field using self-build Arduino toolkits.

Digital Design Methods I

Timetable Fall 2022

Week/Date Content
Week 01 (26/09/2022) Kickoff Session
Week 02 (03/10/2022) Rhinoceros Introduction
Week 03 (10/10/2022) Rhinoceros Advanced Modelling
Week 04 (17/10/2022) Grasshopper Introduction
Week 05 (24/10/2022) Seminar Week
Week 06 (31/10/2022) Class switched due to studio travel
Week 07 (07/11/2022) Grasshopper Advanced
Week 08 (14/11/2022) QGIS Intro
Week 08 (16/11/2022) Topolography in Rhino/Grasshopper
Week 09 (21/11/2022) QGIS Intermediate
Week 10 (28/11/2022) QGIS Advanced
Week 11 (05/12/2022) Workflow and Topography Modification