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Basic Rhino Commands

Angle Report the angle between two picked or defined lines
Area Report an object’s area
Distance Report the distance between two picked locations
Volume Report the volume of closed surfaces, polysurfaces, or meshes
Copy Duplicate objects
CopyToLayer Copy objects to a layer
Group Organize objects into a single component
SelAll Select all objects
Sel(…) Select several object according to selection parameters (Srf, Curve…)
SelLast Select the last changed objects
Text Create annotation text
Linear Elements  
Contour Create a spaced series of planar curves and points through objects
Curve Draw a curve from control point locations
DupBorder Create a curve or polyline that copies a surface, polysurface, or mesh border
ExtractIsocurve Duplicate surface isoparametric curves
ExtractWireframe Duplicate surface or polysurface edge and isoparametric curves
Line Draw a single line segment
Polyline Draw a multi-segment polyline with options for line and arc segments and close
TweenCurves Create curves between two open or closed input curves
Point(s) Draw a single (multiple) point object
Editing General  
Explode Break objects down into components
ExplodeBlock Explode a block including any nested blocks into component objects
Join Connect curves, surface edges, or surfaces to form a single object
Move Move objects from one location to another
MoveCrv Move a polycurve/polyline segment
MoveEdge Move a polysurface edge
MoveFace Move a polysurface face
Mirror Create a mirror-image copy of objects
PointsOn Display curve and surface control points
PointsOff Turn off control, edit and solid points display
Rebuild Reconstruct curves, surfaces, and extrusion objects
Rotate Rotate objects around an axis perpendicular to the conststruction plane
Rotate3D Rotate objects around a 3-D axis
Scale Change the size of objects uniformly in the x-, y-, and z-directions
Scale1D Change the size of objects in one direction
Scale2D Change the size of objects uniformly in two directions
Split Divide objects using other objects as cutters
Trim Cut and delete selected portions of an object at the intersection with another object
Editing of linear elements  
CloseCrv Close open curves
Divide Create points along a curve by n-th segments or specified length
Extend Lengthen a curve
Offset Copy a curve parallel to the original
Project Project curves/points on a construction plane / surface